Affligem Beer

Affigem is an authentic Abbey beer, highly praised by beer lovers, offering a selection of styles that reflect Belgium's extraordinary beer heritage. It is one of only 22 official Abbey Ales, the Affligem brand guarantees absolute provenance.

Affligem Abbey was founded in 1074 by a Benedictine monk community and despite being plundered and burned to the ground 3 times it has survived throughout the centuries.

Affligem was the last of the Abbey ales to cease brewing on its own premises, transferring production to an outside brewer in 1956. The beers are now brewed in nearby Opwijk to the original recipe and the Abbey community remains active to its creed of dedication and devotion.

The heritage of almost a thousand years lives on and the brewing methods devised by the venerable abbots are still applied with the greatest of care in accordance with the ‘Formula Antiqua Renovata’.

This respect for tradition, the use of pure, natural ingredients and the passion and care whilst brewing is tied into everything the Affligem Brewery does. In doing so, the brewery achieves its aim: to produce a beer rich in taste which will delight the palates of the most demanding beer connoisseurs.

The Affligem range of beers:

Blond - light gold colour with a lively, welcoming nose of citrus and clove; a hoppy, lemony ale with banana and some spicy flavours. Dry with a light, bitter finish.

Dubbel - reddish brown colour; spicy aroma with hints of orange banana and pear. Dark malt flavours with a raisin and molasses sweetness and a smooth, lingering, mild taste.

Tripel - golden amber with a fragrant aroma of great complexity; plenty of hops and hints of citrus lead to nice fruity esters with a good carbonation. A vibrant, strong, hoppy ale with a dry finish.

Affligem beers have a secondary fermentation in bottle which results in a slight sediment (see video below).


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Affligem Information Sheet (PDF)

Affligem Product Codes:

3603 Affligem Blond 6.5% 20 ltr keg

3600 Affligem Blond 6.8% 33cl
3604 Affligem Dubbel 6.8% 33cl
3036 Affligem Tripel 9% 33cl

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